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Are you doing everything or nothing?

There’s a saying that corporate recruitment teams do everything except hiring. It’s a sad but true situation, and sometimes it feels like there’s no way to fix it. During my experience, I worked both with recruitment agencies and corporate teams. The truth is — you can double the internal team’s efficiency in a month if the only thing they concentrate their efforts on is sourcing and hiring.

My “favorite” meetings

But, there is a big but! I spent half of my professional life on unproductive 1-hour meetings, which could be summed up in a…

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I’m sleeping less and abrupt. My brain has no time; I don’t restart. I wake up, and I don’t want to move because it’s warm where I am. When your thoughts are more than your reality, you begin to realize stuff. You start talking to yourself, when you live apart, and if you feel alone.

Your car keys don’t unlock the door of your house, never. Not again.

The perfume in the wintertime scents so clean. It never occurs in summer. That’s why I adore this cold.

You wear heavier clothes, more layers. You try to cover up the body…

You Suck Because of the Music You Prefer

Music and workplace can’t be separated։ They’re so united, there’s not a single day without it, when you sit around your desk and put on the headphones, and it does not matter whether you are a designer, recruiter or a marketing specialist, you always dive deep in to the beautiful world of sounds that hug your ears.


Away from romantics;

I’m in front of my laptop in a cafe where everything is terrible; I don’t know why I come to this place. I don’t remember other waiters in this town. I’m just too attached to the one that always…

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We’re ok
She’s fine
Sleeping far
From my room

I’m awake

This emptiness
Has no meaning
Without her sleeping hair
On my tired knees

When I’m conscious
And she’s ok
When I’m jaded, yet happy
And nothing has a meaning


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Moonlight slipping into the room from the open window, giving a little glow to the bed. 2 souls on the bed, shattered spirits away from each other, in 2 different galaxies. One is snoring, lying on her side, the other is sitting on the corner of the bed, thinking how to explain that “it’s all over.”

He flips the coin for several times, so it lands on the side he wants. His luck rescues the evil body and blows his ashes with the wind off the bridge. He falls in total muteness. …

Personal branding is not about what you are. You can be an engineer, designer, marketing specialist or a bodyguard, doesn’t matter, it’s never about what you are, it’s about who you are. It’s 80% of your skills, expertise, readiness to give back to the community and 20% of the show, and the better you become, the more show you will need. Sadly, if you are ignoring that 20%, it will become worse for you over time.

Here at Magnus, we know how much energy and time it takes, but we also want you to become visible. You’re the hidden gem…

Silent thoughts about the silence in relationships

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People don’t understand silence. Most of them.
The true drama is always in muteness. It’s not about loud screams and smashing plates; it’s about breaking souls. The opposite of whisper is not necessarily the noise.

I was playing a game called “Dear Esther” recently, and I thought one of the lines the narrator said defined all my relationships.

“I’ve begun my voyage in a paper boat without a bottom.”

This line keeps on floating in my head at nights. Sometimes you see the outcome before it even starts, sometimes you pretend you got it under control, sometimes the birds fly…

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“What the fuck man, not again, I fucking hate this smell, it’s terrible!” says my friend. He says that a lot when he hops into my car. It’s a car scent, lilac. “Stop it, it’s perfect, you don’t understand” I reply, start the car and my mind flies back 5 months.

Beautiful summer day, near the Armenia-Azerbaijan border. Her fatherland, rain, trees surround us and sing with the wind, songs I can not understand. I follow her, she’s fast, but I keep up. Finally, we reach the graveyard. That’s why we are here; I let the girl talk to her…

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“Freelance, Freelance, Free. I’m free! I can do whatever I want, whenever I want, work from Cafés’, eat some croissants, watch the sunset and drink dry red wine.” Her voice echoes in my head. She highlights the pain points of full-time employees, I can’t resist or deny, she makes fun of us, and she’s right. I take a sip of my coffee, there are black circles under her eyes, she hasn’t slept. It’s terrible, as always, not her, the coffee. I just pay for it every time and throw it away. …

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Recruitment is interesting. New people, new faces, amazing personalities, lost souls…

Every time I introduce people to each other I hear Nokia’s familiar melody in my head that used to blink on our small screens highlighting the phrase “connecting people.”

“Ghukas, connecting people” I say out loud sometimes. Usually, they start working with each other, creating something, some of them marry each other and I have to go to yet another wedding and spend money on some unnecessary shit. I’m kidding, that’s awesome when you see the impact on someone else’s life. That’s why I love my job so much…

Ghukas Stepanyan

A dull commander of an army in medieval, who gets too drunk after a victorious battle and freezes to death the same night.

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